EM11g and TimesTen plugin

I wrote about EM 11g installation therefore I decided to install TmesTen plugin on this configuration. You can download TimesTen plugin from OTN website (TimesTen Plug-in 2.2 for Enterprise Manager 11g and 10.2.). Before Plugin installation you should deploy an agent to TimesTen host. I would recommend you to use Documentation for that. It is very easy (only thing with INVENTORY_LOCATION="/app/oracle/oraInventory" confused me a bit :) ), all you need just follow the steps. After that you can install the plugin.
I will not describe the installation in detail, because there is a very good video about it. After that a lot of TimesTen reports are available for your attention (activity, transaction log, memory, sql operations and etc.).

PS. Later, I am going to install EM12c.

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