Official TimesTen blog

I've found very interesting message from Chris Jenkins on TimesTen forum.

"One of my colleagues here at Oracle has started a TimesTen blog. He is one of the architects in the development team and has been working on TimesTen even longer than I have (around 15 years now I believe). I recommend anyone interested in TimesTen to pay it a visit. If anyone has requests for articles on specific topics, please let us know.

The blog can be found here:


Actually it is a great news. Sam works in TimesTen development team at Oracle. I know it because he helped me sometimes with my "tricky questions". Now, Sam Drake has official TimesTen blog and I advice you visit it.

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Привет, Гена, как дела?

GGS комментирует...

Да обустраиваемся по тихоньку :) Как у вас?