Happy New Year!

Dear friends,

2012 year is coming and I think it is the best time for summarizing the year's result. Well, lets start. In this year I've written 8 technical articles and some of them was published by OTN. I've left Oracle CIS, so I am not Oracle Employee anymore :( I was nominated to Oracle ACE and I'm very proud of this nomination. I've recently relocated in London, UK.So, I think that 2011 year was not so bad for me.

I have some resolutions on next 2012 year:
- I have to find a job
- I have to write at least 12 technical articles (some of them in English of course).
- Participate at some Events.

But I forgot about people how is reading this blog. Friends, I want to wish you all the best in the New Year.
Happy New Year!!!

Best regards,

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