TimesTen 11.2.2 is now available

TimesTen 11.2.2 is now available on OTN site. I was looking forward this release because a lot of new functionality was introduced in 11.2.2. I am particularly interested in the functionality which is related to Exalytics (TimesTen columnar compression, full LOB support, and etc.). There is not enough information about Exalitycs and there is only one man who has access to Exalytics outside of Oracle. That is Mark Rittman

Let's start. The most important  new functionality is as follows:

1. In-memory columnar compression of table

Actually, I can write nothing about it, because I don't know how it works :(, but I am going to find out and write about it ASAP.

2.  A global query (a query executed on multiple members of an Oracle In-Memory Database Cache grid) can reference more than one table.

I've already written here about Cache Grid and about impossibility to read the same data through different nodes. Additionally there were some restrictions for SQL (only one table can be used in SQL statement). In 11.2.2 this restriction was deleted. 

3. The ability to determine the current space usage of a table using the ttComputeTabSizes built-in procedure

A lot of customers ask: "How to get the actual size of a table in Timesten" (link). Now they have a tip for that :)

4. You can configure parallel propagation of changes in AWT cache tables to the corresponding Oracle tables.

One more replication feature was introduced. This functionality should increase a speed for propagation of changes to Oracle database. One partner has asked me about this functionality. I hope he is very happy now :)

5. Analytic functions

I think this is the most important feature that was introduced in this realise. When I worked in Oracle CIS, Andrey Pivovarov asked me to deliver presentation and demo about using TimesTen as a source for Oracle BI (11.1.05) on this event. I got a lot of questions about support analytic functions inside TimesTen from audience. Now as you can see, analytic functions are supporting in TimesTen.

6. Implicit data typed conversion

It can help developers because they can avoid error 2963 "Inconsistent datatypes" (example).


In my opinion, a lot of essential features were introduced in the new TimesTen release and I will update you about each of them in details very soon.

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Vladimir Romanov комментирует...

"Compression is not supported on columns in replicated tables, cache group tables, grid tables, or on global temporary tables" :(

GGS комментирует...

Hi Vladimir,

Yes, I agree with you. It isn't good news but I think development will fix it in next release :)