Chapter 2 - Basic Concepts

This chapter contains brief description about TOGAF. The key points are the following:

  1. What is TOGAF - The Open Group Architecture Framework. TOGAF is a tool. The key to TOGAF is the method - ADM (Architecture Development Method).
  2. Structure of TOGAF document (7 points):
    • Introduction
    • ADM
    • ADM Guidelines and Techniques
    • Architecture Content Framework (ABBs)
    • Enterprise Continuum and Tools
    • TOGAF Reference Models (TFM and III RM)
    • Architecture Capability Framework
  3. What is Enterprise, Architecture, Why do you need Enterprise Architecture (a lot of reasons) 
  4. Architecture Domains Supported by TOGAF
    • Business
    • Data
    • Application
    • Technology
Well, the test at the end was not very difficult, so I got 100% again, but the topic is quite unusual for me, therefore I need to sleep on the info I've read from this chapter (maybe will read it again).

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