Have not written a lot since I found new job - new people, new environment, new business etc., plus I am a very lazy person :), but now I have decided to struggle with my inactivity and start a new challenge - take two exams for becoming a TOGAF certified member (about TOGAF certification you can read here ) . This should help me with my carrier (not sure about it to be honest :) ). So let's start.

TOGAF certification consists of two levels:
  • TOGAF Foundation (level 1)
  • TOGAF Certified (level 2)
The highest level is the TOGAF Certification. There are two ways to get this certification:
  • TOGAF Part 1 exam (OG0-091) +  TOGAF Part 2 exam (OG0-092)   
  • TOGAF 9 Combined Part 1 and 2 exam ((OG0-093 - for advanced people)
I am not an advanced person, therefore I am following by the first option. Start from TOGAF Part 1 exam. There are a lot of documents about this exam, so I just downloaded one preparation book. This book contains 13 chapters and I am going to read one chapter each day (max 2 days) and write about it in this blog - this will help me with exam preparation and additionally, help me to do something at all :)

"Let the Seventy-forth Hunger Games begin" - quotes from "Hunger games" book.

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