Chapter 3 - Core Concepts (Part 2)

Today I have to understand what Enterprise Continuum (EC) is. First of all, EC is a view of Architecture Repository. EC should explain how the generic solution can be leveraged and managed in order to support the requirements of an particular organisation.

Architecture Repository stores different classes of architectural output at different level of abstraction. AR is consists of the following components:
  • Architecture Metamodel
  • Architecture Capability
  • Architecture Landscape
  • Standards Information Base (SIB)
  • Reference Library
  • Governance Log
Enterprise Architecture Capability (Architecture Capability Framework) - is a set of materials and guidelines. It consists of 7 parts (will not list them here) - OMG I have never seen the word "Architecture", "Capability" so many times on one page :).

Additional thing is enterprise architecture practice must be run like any other operational unit within a business.

The test is done. 6 out of 7 - made only one mistake - forgot that EC is a model for classifying artifacts. Looking forward for the next chapter.

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