Chapter 3 - Core Concepts (part 1)

I've already written that didn't have much time to read the TOGAF - last Friday was a deadline for the project, therefore I was spending for almost 10-11 hours at work. Finally, it is over, so I can continue the process.

Today is the third chapter. It contains a lot of information and I have to remember all of it. This is not a very easy process, so I decided to split this chapter to two part. This part contains information about ADM (including phases), Deliverables, Artifacts and Building Blocks.

ADM (Architecture Development Method) forms the core of TOGAF and provides the repeatable process for developing architecture. There are 10 phases in ADM.
  • Preliminary (Architecture Capability)
  • Phase A: Architecture Vision
  • Phase B: Business Architecture
  • Phase C: Information Systems Architecture (Data and Application)
  • Phase D: Technology Architecture
  • Phase E: Opportunity and Solutions (forming Target Architecture)
  • Phase F: Migration Planning (migration from Base to Target)
  • Phase G: Implementation Governance (architecture oversight of implementation)
  • Phase H: Architecture Change Management (managing change to the new architecture)
  • Requirements Management (examines the process)
Very difficult to remember, spatially G and H phases, but I will try :). The next section describes the structural model for ADM outputs (like requirements, plans etc.). The TOGAF Architecture Content Framework uses three category:
  • deliverable (signed off by stakeholders)
  • artifacts (aspects of architecture: matrices, catalogs, diagrams)
  • building blocks (reusable components)
That is all for today. Tomorrow, will have a look on the rest of chapter 3.

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